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About SAP ABAP Workflow

A workflow is a model that describes a sequence of operations, representing an actual business process.

SAP ABAP Workflow Course Content

Basics of SAP & Workflow in SAP

Basic SAP GUI Navigation
Workflow terminology
Use of workflow and workflow templates
Basic Customizing settings in the SAP Business Workflow system
Possible inboxes for work items
Defining substitutes
Processing work items
Workflow components
Activating templates
Determining agents using Organizational Management
Structure of organizational units, positions, and jobs

Building and using workflow
Defining workflows using the Workflow Builder
Enhancing business objects with the Business Object Builder
Defining business process steps: task definition
Data definition and containers
Dynamic agent determination at runtime
Triggering workflows with events
Triggering events in the system
Deadline monitoring
Workflow Wizards
Options for ad-hoc processing

Web Workflow Scenarios
Use business processes that use the WF-XML interface via the Internet
WF-XML structures
Customizing WF-XML
Using WF-XML as a workflow step
Business processes that run via the Internet and call Web services
The WebFlow Service Handler and its components
Customizing the WebFlow Service Handler
Importing WSDL Web Service Definitions
Using Web services as a workflow step

Workflow Programming
Business Object Builder: defining and implementing your own BOR objects
Data flow and new containers
Rule function modules
Programming exits at step and workflow level
Event generation by programming
Check function modules
Receiver type function modules
Receiver function modules
Runtime system:

Object Oriented ABAP in Workflow
Definition and implementation of ABAP-OO classes for use in the workflow
Definition of attributes
Definition of methods and error handling
Definition of events