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SAP CO(Controlling) Online Training Course Content

Basic settings for controlling

Defining Controlling Area
Defining Number ranges for Controlling Area
Maintain Planning Versions
Creation of Primary and Secondary Cost Elements
Creation of Cost Element Groups
Primary cost element categories and secondary cost element categories

Cost Center Accounting

1. Defining Cost Center Standard Hierarchy
2. Creation of Cost Centers and cost center groups
3. Planning for cost center, posting to cost centers
4. Repost of Costs
5. Overhead Calculation
6. Creation and Execution of Distribution Cycle
7. creation and execution of assessment cycles
8. cost center reports

Internal Orders

1. Defining order types
2. Creation of internal orders
3. Planning of internal orders
4. Postings to internal order
5. Report of Variance analysis

Profit Center Accounting

1. Basic Settings for Profit Center Accounting
2. Creation of Dummy Profit Centers
3. Maintaining versions for profit centers
4. Creation of profit centers and profit center groups
5. Creation of revenue cost elements
6. Automatic Assignment of Revenue elements for Profit Centers
7. Postings to profit centers, planning and variance reporting

Profitability analysis

1. defining the operating concern
2. activating the profitability analysis

3. creation of data structures

4. fallow of actual values
5. creation of reports
6. Execution of reports.