SAP EP Development Online Training

SAP Enterprise Portal Development Online Training Course Details

SAP EP Dev Online Training Course Content

Introduction to SAP Net weaver
1. Net Weaver Architecture (EP, KM, XI, BI, MI, WAS etc)
2. Enterprise Portal Architecture, WAS Architecture
3. Transition from Desktop to WebTop (Browser Enabling)
4. I views, Pages, Roles, Work set, Users, Groups
5. Customizing Portal (Look and Feel)

Portal Themes, Portal Desktops, Rule Collections
1. Connecting to SAP R/3, SAP, SAP BW and SAP CRM
2. Connecting to ORACLE, Yahoo, Google services
3. Various I views
4. SAP URL I view, SAP Transaction I view
5. SAP BSP I view, SAP BW report I view
6. SAP Web Dynpro I view, Web Service I view
7. JDBC Stored Procedure I view, Portal Activity Report I view
8. Single-Sign on [SSO], SAP Logon Tickets
9. Portal Personalization
10. Portal Internationalization
11. Transportation/Import/Export EPA Files [Business Packages]
12. Portal Development Kit [PDK] —–Outdated
13. SAP R/3 Fundamentals, SAP BW Fundamentals

Remote Function Module /RFC /BAPI
1. Transaction codes, Internal Tables
2. WAS Java Admin Tools
3. Config Tool, Visual J2ee Admin Tool
4. SDM GUI, System Analyzer
5. Security-User Management (Users, Groups)
6. System Landscape, SLD configuration
7. JCO Destinations, NWDI Configuration
8. DTR ,Tracks, CMS ,Runtime Systems
9. CBS ,Ready-to-use Libraries
10. SLD ,Information of Systems
11. ESS/MMS Business Packages
12. Introduction of ESS/MSS
13. Configuration of ESS/MSS
14. Customization of ESS/MSS dc
15. Installation of Portal
16. Pre-install, install, post-install
17. Visual Composer Setup

Knowledge Management & Collaboration
* Business Objectives of KM
* KM Platform: Architecture Overview, Real Time Collaboration
* Repositories, ACL,TREX Components, Crawler
* Permissions
* Versioning in KM, Publishing Documents
* KM I views
* KM Document I view, Subscription, Approval
* KM Navigation I view
* KM Quick Poll Admin I view
* KM Quick Poll I view [Polling ,Rating]
* KM XML Forms Builder I view
* KM UPLOAD I view
* KM Discussions I view
* KMC Asynchronous Collaboration
* Versioning, Permissions, Lifetime in KM
* Collaboration Launch Pad
* Creating WEB Folder & using them in KM Repository
* Creating & Maintaining Collaboration Rooms
* Email Integration
* Example Based TAXONAMY