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About SAP MDM 

Master Data Management: Gain control of the data that fuels your business processes

SAP MDM Course Content

Course Overview
1. Master Data.
1.1. What is Master Data
1.2. Examples of Problems with Master Data.
1.3. Solution for Master Data Management.
1.3.1. Manual Solution.
1.3.2. The ALE Mechanism in SAP R/3.
1.3.3. Modern Master Data Management.
1.4. Today s Requirement of Master Data Management.
1.5. MDM as a Backbone of Enterprise SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

2. Overview of MDM Architecture and its Components.
2.1. MDM Architecture (MDM as a Central Component of SAP Netweaver).

3. Overview of MDM Components.
3.1. SAP MDM Server.
3.2. SAP MDM Console.
3.3. SAP MDM Data Manager.
3.4. SAP MDM Import Manager.
3.5. SAP MDM Syndicator.

4. MDM Scenarios. Business Scenarios
4.1. Rich Product Content Management.
4.2. Global Data Synchronization.
4.3. Customer Data Integration.
IT Scenerios
4.4. Master Data Consolidation.
4.5. Master Data Harmonization.
4.6. Central Master Data Management.

5. MDM for the Solution of Different Industry Problem.

5.1. Description of the Problem.
5.2. Scenario Description.
5.3. Procedure to the Solution.
5.3.1. Designing the Data Model. (Data Modelling).
5.3.2. Implementing the MDM Repository.

6. MDM : Technical Details.

6.1 MDM Server
Accessing MDM Servers.
Loading and Unloading of MDM Server.
Loading and Unloading of MDM Repository.

6.2.MDM Console.
Complete Repository Design.
Types of Tables , Uses , Applications.
Lookup and Qualifier etc.

6.3. MDM Data Manager.
MDM Modes.
Search Techniques.
Tips and Techniques for Data Management.

6.4. MDM Import Manager.
Combining Information from various sources.
Creating Maping fields and values.
Value Partitioning.
Parse Fields.
Combine Fields.
Match Records.

6.5. MDM Syndicator
Introduction on How to Install SQL Server, MDM Server and its Components.